Alan designs specific course to his clients needs and covers a wide range of subjects that address the need for balancing work done in the classroom context and work done in the field. One of the Lindros books is generally used as the curriculum for training.
Lindros prefers to do onsite training and strives for the concept of “train the trainer”

The course route that is offered as a recommendation is the following:
• Introduction to Agroecology, Organic agriculture and related technologies
• The history and evolution of Agriculture
• Plan the organic agricultural endeavour
• Working with mineral soils
• Practical composting – organic fertilising
• Soil conservation
• Effective Microorganisms
• Organic vegetable production
• Organic crop production
• Organic fruit production
• Organic poultry production
• Organic cattle production
• Organic small stock production
• Organic apiculture
• Organic certification

Courses for training can be based on one to five days and Lindros has been involved in the three month residential training module. In the case of project management the preferred timescale is over two years. The courses are designed by the collaboration of the client and Alan’s 48 years of experience in four countries.

Specific courses can be run on any of the above subject matters