EM Training

Lindros has a complete EM training program and uses the Lindros EM Manual with the following subject matter:

The training course gives the learner a basic understanding into the complex world of microbiology and allows that the learner will be able to make Multi EM and all the EM derivatives.

  • Introduction
  • Types of Micro organisms found in EM
  • EM use in horticulture
    • Vegetables and flowers
    • EM application for field crops
    • EM for orchards
    • Application of Effective Microorganisms
      • Instructions for use
      • How to make Multi EM
      • EM derivatives – an overview
      • Making EM derivatives
        • How to make EM FPE
        • How to make EM Insecticide 3-in-1
        • How to make EM FF
        • How to make EM FCM
        • How to make EM Insect repellent EM5
        • How to make EM Bokashi
        • EM and cleaning dams and reservoirs
        • EM storage
        • Some useful EM web addresses
        • The technology of effective microorganisms