ROAM Mindfulness-Based Learning™

The ROAM Mindfulness-Based Learning™ Initiative is a program that combines the principles of Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Mindfulness to create a comprehensive and innovative learning experience. The founders recognised that integrating these two subjects significantly and positively creates a sustainable and equitable way forward.


Regenerative Organic Agriculture is an approach to farming that goes beyond organic agriculture by actively rebuilding the soil and its link to the environment. Studies have shown that this approach reduces greenhouse gas emissions, builds soil health and fertility, enhances water quality, and increases biodiversity.


On the other hand, Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment without judgment. Mindfulness effectively addresses various conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, enhancing focus, concentration, and memory.

Agricultural Subjects Mindfulness Subjects
Who am I? Introduction    What is Mindfulness
Introduction Organic agriculture  Meditation Simple Awareness
Agroecological Systems & Technologies Body Scan
Soil Fertility Mindfulness Brain Power
Vegetable / Crop production Reset your Mind
Organic Insect Pesta & Disease Thinking / Thoughts & Speech
Effective Microorganisms Responding not Reacting
Soil Conservation Pain Management
Compost Communication
Green Manures The Art of Mindful Communication
Record keeping Mindfulness Compassion
Organic Standards Loving Yourself
Rotations Mindfulness Guided Meditation
Weeds / Mulches Mindfulness 7th Generation Principle
Farm Animals Large & Small Stock Mindfulness Regenerative Agriculture
Land Design / Conversion Mindfulness Nutrition
Bio Dynamic Agriculture Mindfulness Eating
Three-Fold Social Order  
CBNRM /  Certification Process  
Conclusion Conclusion