Alan started back in the 1970’s to write curriculum while he was working with the Ministry of Education in Swaziland. He both structured a course and wrote the relevant curriculum for specialized teachers of agriculture. More recently he has written and published five books which are available directly from Lindros Whole Earth Consultants.  The five books are as follows:

  1. Organic Agriculture A Handbook     ISBN 0-620-30952-0
  2. Global Health in Crisis, The Answer Lies in the Soil     ISBN 0-620-35367-8
  3. Biodynamic Agriculture A Conscious Choice     ISBN 978-0-620-45914-3
  4. Agroecology The Promise of Future Flourish       ISBN 978-0-620-55899-0
  5. Agroecology, Ecosystems & Sustainability in the Tropics    Studera Press India  9789385883187
  6. Agroecology An Orientation Training Resource        ISBN 978-0-620-92628-7

These books have been compiled with the object of giving the reader a coherent synthesis of information pertaining to the particular fields of agriculture, both in themselves and in their positioning in global agriculture.

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All books are available directly from Lindros. Contact