EM User’s Manual

Lindros Whole Earth Consultants EM User’s Manual


Lindros have a condensed User’s Manual with the following subjects. This is a comprehensive manual designed to be a resource booklet for those that are interested in working with the EM technology



Types of Microorganisms found in EM

EM use in horticulture

Vegetables and flowers

EM application for field crops

EM for orchards

Application of Effective Microorganisms

Instructions for use

How to make Multi EM

EM derivatives – an overview

Making EM derivatives

  • How to make EM FPE
  • How to make EM Insecticide 3-in-1
  • How to make EM FF
  • How to make EM FCM
  • How to make EM Insect repellent EM5
  • How to make EM Bokashi

EM and cleaning dams and reservoirs

EM storage

Some useful EM web addresses

The technology of effective microorganisms