Review in Farmers Weekly

The following are extracts from the review of this book done by Mr. Chris Louw of the Farmers Weekly. The review appeared in the Farmers Weekly edition of the 18th June 2004 and appeared on page 50 with the following heading.

“The best on organic farming in SA”

Writing from 30 years of experience”.

Alan Rosenberg has 30 years of experience in organic farming in South Africa, Swaziland, Israel, England and Switzerland. The authors are partners of LINDROS organic consultants and provide courses in organic agriculture, which are now offered in cooperation with Farmers Weekly”

“The main focus is on practical matters, including the composition, nature, properties and products of soil; composting; effective micro organisms (EM); marketing; advice on how to farm with vegetables, poultry, cattle and rabbits; and bee keeping.”

“The Chapters on are very user friendly and practical. They are jam packed with useful tips on farming successfully albeit on a smaller scale. One example is to put chickens in your cattle kraal as they will pick off ticks when the animals are lying down. “ the cattle don’t seem to mind this at all and the chickens need no training or encouragement,” the authors say.”

“Farm planning”

“The aim of farm planning, according to the authors, “is to determine what resources you have, what resources you need and have a clear intention of where you want to be going… A successful farm plan includes working with a scaled map of the resources on your land, as well as those that you need to get you where you want to be.” This is followed by a step by step guide of how to approach the issue of planning. The information on soil is balanced and well-written, with a scientific background and practical applications.”

“The chapter on EM is excellent –  the technical explanation of the mixing and application of these little wonder – workers are provided in detail. An organic farmer is often limited in the choice of methods to increase fertility, and ways to eradicate pests at a reasonable cost – without the help of a massive workforce – so this information is vital to organic producers.”

“On the whole, the book is full of useful information tailor – made for South African conditions. It is the best source on organic farming presently available in this country”