Your Project!

What can Lindros offer for your project?


  • Lindros can offer 48 years of experience gained in four countries.

  • Lindros offers consulting complementing and contributing to your intended project, whether your project is a private farm, either small or large scale, whether you have a community project or if you are a cooperative looking for assistance.

  • Lindros offers their five books as a resource to information and inspiration

  • Lindros, as an agent, offers the Effective Microorganisms EM

  • Lindros supplies all the information including recipes for the EM derivatives to be used as soil and plant conditioners, plant growth boosters, foliar feeders, insect repellents and EM insecticides

  • Lindros offers both intensive short courses and longer term training programs addressing the need for class education and field training.

  • Lindros offers a unique EM secondary brew with a 6+ month efficacy applicable to all four kingdoms of nature

  • Lindros offers a Super activated secondary EM brew Probiotic which can be used for animals, pets, and humans

  • Lindros offers business opportunities through the Effective Microorganisms